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Meet Germany for Newcomers

Program outline:

Culture and personal cultural awareness

Comprehensive understanding how culture shapes and affects the individual’s behaviour. Investigate how our own cultural heritage impacts our expectations and views in terms of norms and values in private and business settings. Identify which personal skills to apply to be effective in the new cultural environment.

Dynamics in the workplace

In depth knowledge is shared on how the German culture affects doing business. Understand what motivates people, the role of hierarchy, communication preferences, reliability and sustainability, diversity on the workfloor, and many other points of interest are addressed.

Everyday life

Inside information on local customs, traditions, lifestyles are imperative to the transition to a new culture. Through tangible examples, we explore the German every day life and behavioural attitudes.

The adaptation cycle

The adaptation cycle and the impact of relocation are discussed to view how it affects us in our professional lives as well as at home. Strategies are defined to ease the transition period.

Improve the synergy within your international team and limit the risk of missed opportunities.

Hilly van Swol, your contact person for intercultural seminars.

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