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Culture Generics

Program outline:

Diversity challenges

The comprehensive program that makes the cultural differences tangible. What are the lessons to be learned, and how does it affect our goal setting, our deadlines, communication, management skills, the importance of success and career.

Culture and personal cultural awareness

Explore how culture shapes and affects the individual’s behaviour as well as the communication process. Investigate how people are influenced by cultural heritages and its impact on expectations and views. Which personal skills to apply to be effective in the intercultural work environment.

At intercultural crossroads

Barnga, a simulation, allows the participants to experience the dynamics of change on a personal level- followed by a debriefing.

Hidden national image building

National reputations and stereotypes bar our objectivity. We show ways of neutral approaches to meet across cultural boundaries.

Put the diversity in your company to work, let it act as a valuable commodity. The intercultural resources present in your international teams can form that competitive edge you are looking for in the global marketplace.

For corporations seeking intercultural excellence.

In seeing culture as a way of problemsolving, the more diverse your solutions the better your chances are to resolve the task with flying colours.

Achieve confidence through knowledge and limit the pitfalls of culture based misunderstandings.

 Hilly van Swol, your contact person for intercultural seminars.

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