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Expat-Kids in transition

Program Outline

Getting to know you

Meet Ori & explore our Workbook

Footprints in the sand

How do I define myself?

Old and New Friends

How to cherish and not to cling

Your new country

What do I need and want to know

What will change?

Diversity issues, making change tangible

I just feel like leaving!

Coping with Culture Shock

Looking Back


Feedback to parents

Sharing further resources

Third Culture Kids, Global Nomads

The impact of relocation on children can be overwhelming - leaving home, school and friends to go abroad. Our age appropriate program supports a smooth transition.

Hilly van Swol, your contact person for intercultural seminars.

» Our Expat Kids Book "Ori & Ricki"

When Abroad- do as the local children do, Ori' Guide for young Expats...

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