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Program outline:

Culture shock & repatriation

This roler coaster of emotions leaves no one untouched. What are the signals, how has it affected your family and what coping strategies to apply?

Identifying personal skills

What are your personal resources that make a difference when facing the avid changes taking place in your life? How has the dealing with change made you aware of your strenghts and weaknesses? 

Dual career issues

Picking up the pieces, continuing home-office, enjoying some time off, charity, starting a family, redifining yourself or long distance learning? Learn from experienced trailing spouses, network and create your own action plan based on the resources presented to you.

Children and other family concerns

The influence of a move abroad on children has a lasting character. How can we optimise these new experiences without overruling affiliation needs with the home culture?

Sailing the Winds of Change.

Spouses have the responsibility of making a home, nurturing the family, running a household and to be a good partner- this can be a heavy toll when abroad. How to find the balance in the new culture- our informal roundtable dialogue gives you the chance to share concerns and come away with new insights.

 Hilly van Swol, your contact person for intercultural seminars.

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